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Welcome to us at A-kassan, the Swedish unemployment fund!

This is A-kassan

A-kassan exists so that you as a worker are safe if you lose your job. The Swedish Service and Communications Union A-kassa is there for you if you work in the service and communications industry.

Why you should be a member with us

When you become a member of our unemployment fund, you insure your salary. You can then apply for compensation from us should you become unemployed.

Membership in both the unemployment fund and the service and communications union, Seko, provides the best security. Seko's income insurance will then be included.

How to become a member

Fill in your membership application at sekosakassa.se. Sign using your bank ID. If you do not have a bank ID, just fill in the application form and have it sent home to you for signing. Remember to send it back to us once you have signed.

Inexpensive insurance

Becoming a member of our unemployment fund does not cost a great deal. You can find the applicable membership fee at sekosakassa.se. The easiest way to pay is by means of direct debit. Organise this immediately after you submit your application to us. You do this at sekosakassa.se/autogiro.

Give us a call!

Just give us a call during our opening hours if you have any questions.

Do you need an interpreter?

If you have difficulties understanding information from us, perhaps an interpreter can help you with translations? Let us know and we will help. And it will cost you nothing.

If you become unemployed

Who can claim compensation from A-kassan?

Anyone who is a member of our unemployment fund can claim compensation.

How much do you get?

There are two types of compensation, one which is based on your previous salary (income-based compensation) and one which is called basic compensation. Which type of compensation you have a right to depends on how long you have been a member with us.

Compensation based on your previous salary

In order to receive compensation based on your previous salary, you must have been a member with us for at least twelve months and fulfilled the basic requirements and working conditions during your membership.

You can then receive up to 80% of your previous salary up to a maximum of SEK 1 200 per day for the first 100 days. After this period, compensation is reduced to a maximum of SEK 1 000 per day.

If you a member of both the unemployment fund and the Swedish Service and Communications Union, Seko, you can also apply for compensation through the income insurance scheme. This can result in your receiving higher compensation. Read more at seko.se.

Basic compensation

If you have not been a member for twelve months but otherwise fulfil the conditions for the right to compensation, you can receive the basic compensation. You will then receive a maximum of SEK 510 per day.

What are the basic requirements?

The basic requirements mean that you are registered with the Public Employment Service, that there is nothing to stop you from taking on work for at least three hours a day or at least 17 hours a week and you are otherwise at the disposal of the labour market.

What are the working conditions?

The working conditions mean that during the last twelve months you have worked at least 60 hours per month for at least six months or that you have worked at least 420 hours in the course of six consecutive months. No month may contain fewer than 40 hours worked.

Feel free to contact us

On our website you can read more about the unemployment fund and what you need to think about if you become unemployed. What's most important is that you become a member and that you get in contact with us if you have any questions.

We're here for you!